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APEX Building Company LLC is the company of choice for installing high quality, sustainable, spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing systems that waterproof, insulate, and protect commercial and industrial buildings. Our roofing systems are spray and fluid applied for a complete seamless application with no joints or transitions to fail and cause leaks.

Our turnkey operations help reduce architectural costs, maintenance and streamline all phases of a roofing project, from the initial inspection to the application of a durable, energy-efficient, insulated roof. State-of-the-art installation technology ensures that the roof system is applied with a perfect taper over any distance, providing positive drainage for flat roofs.

APEX Building Company LLC has extensive experience with roofing projects in all segments of commercial and industrial construction. From retail to municipalities and governments, to schools and churches, and even the military, we’ve exceeded the expectations of our customers when installing new roof systems or maintaining and repairing existing roofs.

Our spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing systems are lightweight and adaptable to any shape or structure, from factories to schools to metal buildings. Spray polyurethane foam provides a seamless low-slope roof system that uses no mechanical fasteners, eliminating trouble spots and leaking. There’s no such thing as a perfect roof and SPF roofing solves the complications of expensive, elaborate systems by cutting out the guesswork of seams and joints.

APEX Building Company LLC uses SPF that is sprayed onto the substrate and expands as it cures, conforming to irregular spaces and self-flashing into a seamless barrier. The SPF is an excellent substrate for the full line of fluid applied roof coatings and roofing products.

Whatever the need, APEX Building Company LLC has the expertise to tackle roofing and waterproofing projects of all shapes and sizes. Our in-house equipment and fabrication enables us to offer a turnkey operation, eliminating multiple subcontractors – saving our customers valuable time and money.

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