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Apex uses a slow-rise spray foam insulation and injection foam for pour-in-place and existing wall cavities. By installing tubing on the end of our spray guns we can spray a low expanding version of the open or closed cell spray foam in existing wall cavities seal and create a complete retrofit.

The SR formula has a delayed foaming agent, permitting the liquids to gravity feed to the bottom of a cell and then start to rise and slowly fill without the pressure of fast rising foams. It’s designed specifically NOT to blow your drywall off the wall!

This polyurethane (PUR) foam insulation is also used to structurally lift residential foundations and level concrete slabs. There is even products designed for industrial piping and thermal containment applications.

The injection foam is a minimal expanding foam similar to the consistency of shaving cream. It takes more time for this foam to dry out but it allows the foam to fill more crevices.

If you have an older home that is in good shape, but there just isn’t ANY insulation in the walls, you can fill all of your outside walls with the slow rise product. If you have NO INSULATION, like several folks who live in homes older than 20 years, you can expect to cut your heating and cooling bill in half, at least.

It’s common for a big, old two story house to cost $400+ a month to heat. If you saved half of that each month, you’d pay for a kit every 3 months. If it took even 10 kits, they’d pay for themselves in less than 3 years! Then you’d just be pocketing the extra couple of hundred a month.

Even better, say you have 1200 square feet total outside walls to insulate. That would cost you about $3,600. If you got a loan from the bank for $3,600 – your payment would be about $85 a month. Now, every time that $85 a month was due, so would be your utility bills. If you saved $200 on utility bills every month and paid $85 of it to the loan, you’d be ahead $115 each month or $1,380 a year!

There is no better insulation product on the market for existing walls, slabs or foundations than foam insulation. Call Apex Building Company LLC today to schedule a visit to see if your project can benefit from our unique insulation applications.


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