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Spray foam insulation for homes is a modern insulation material. It’s a sprayed on insulation that expands almost immediately after being applied, and fills in gaps. It’s a premium product that saves on heating and cooling costs.

What Spray Foam Looks Like

Unlike most other home insulation types, it forms an airtight barrier so your home stays heated — or cooled.

Why Spray Foam Insulation is Different

Spray foam can be either open cell or closed cell. These have different properties, and may work best in different parts of your home.

Getting Spray Foam Installed

Apex Building Company LLC can help you choose the best product for your home.

What Else You Need – Barriers

To meet code requirements, your builder may need to install an ignition barrier, or thermal barrier and a vapor barrier next to the spray foam insulation in your home. This depends on where your home is and how that part of the building is used.

Why Icynene Performs Best

Icynene has been manufacturing spray foam insulation for over 20 years, and Apex is an Icynene certified installer trained to apply spray foam to last the life of the building.


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